The results are in the various sections below and also on Howdidido

Sunday 09 September, Monthly Medal. Div 1 Winner: Mr S Willis nett 67 Runner Up: Mr A Green nett 69 Div 2 Winner: Mr N Bisicker nett 68 Runner Up: Mr K L Barker nett 70 Div 3 Winner: Mr R Sanderson nett 66 Runner Up: Mr D Alderson nett 74

Senior Open Comp Winners: S. Willis & J. Willis 45pts Runner Up: S. Norman & P. Heron 45pts Plus winners from May and June 2018

The Comp results after fourteen rounds. 1st. Mr D Stonehouse 161 pts. 2nd. Mr B Hodgson 155 pts. 3rd. Mr A Green 150 pts.

Rabbits Match Saturday 01 Sep 18. The Team visited Hunley Hall where traditionally we never get anything however after some tight matches Richmond gained two halves out of the 5 matches alas losing the other 3.